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Kros was established by a professional team experienced and specialized in the fields of Hemodialysis, auto-analyzer devices, lab and medical waste management in Antalya.

Aim : Project design and production of water treatment devices producing special quality water (AAMI-EP) necessary to clinical chemical analyzers, immuno-technical analyzers (NCCLS/CAP) and hemodialysis sector; sales and rental operations of these devices; offering consultancy for water infra-structure of hospitals, laboratories and health centers.


Our firm moved its headquarters to Istanbul.

Considering the customer expectations and market needs, KrosClinic® water treatment systems was introduced based on the international standards.


In order to be more effective nation-wide, we set up the foundation of technical service network which, today, reaches 17 different regions


As a result of the quality work Kros had started in the previous years, our firm has become entitled to receive ISO 9001-2003 and 13485 quality management system certificates and besides, the firm has been given Medical CE certificate to its products.


Research was initiated on the proper disposal of medical liquid wastes that are hazardous to environment and human health at the R&D department. The name Neutralab© was officially registered and the project was put into action.


Considering the needs and expectations of our solution partners, new generation medical water treatment systems, RentRO® and Salus® were launched and met with great demand.

Within R&D department, an Analysis Lab was established to analyze water and waste water.

Neutralab, the product of R&D department at KROS, was granted a patent protection for 20 years.


Service network was expanded from 12 regions to 17 different regions both at home and abroad.


While production and R&D department remain within Kros Technological Products Co., sales and marketing operations were transferred to KROS Rental and Technical Services Co.

KOSGEB began to support our R&D projects.

Neutralab© won the first prize in the Product Category at Sustainability and Innovation EU Environment Awards


Efforts have been accelerated on the use of double-pass reverse osmosis (Double Pass-DP) systems, which reduce the costs of consumables and logistics to the lower levels, which indirectly or indirectly reduces the environmental impacts, and provide much higher quality water than existing techniques.


Our R & D project on the inactivation of medical liquid wastes supported by Kosgeb was successfully completed. Thanks to the techniques and prototypes produced as a result of the project; A new technique has been developed to separate and collect hazardous (toxic) elements from the whole of the waste.


The module, which uses the technique that enables the removal of hazardous (toxic) elements in the medical liquid wastes from the whole of the waste, has started to work in certain pilot hospitals. After processing in this module, the hazardous substances were separated and the medical liquid wastes were successfully analyzed by Tübitak.


Our company keep pace with the developing technology and moved to a new modern building with the aim of responding to customer needs in better conditions.


KROS, Water treatment device design, production, marketing, sales and technical service activities while carrying out;


With an understanding that does not compromise on quality,

Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront and at the top,

Producing high quality goods and services in accordance with national, international standards and legal requirements,

Increasing the firm image continuously,

Providing continuous improvement and improvement by training all staff,

Ensuring the happiness of the employees,

By offering the best service to our customers with full time and economic solutions,

The company has adopted a quality policy to become a successful, reliable and trusted company.


Based on the principle of 'QUALITY SERVICE‘;

By combining technology with qualified personnel,

Following technological innovations,

Preventing or preventing measures that may be harmful to the environment,

In accordance with national and international regulations,

Our principle is to provide our customers with reliable, trouble-free product.


In line with the principle of "RESPECT TO ENVIRONMENT “, KROS TEKNOLOJİK ÜRÜNLER SAN. AND TRADE. Inc. In order to provide an environmentally friendly service, we will be constantly sensitive and careful and look for ways to protect natural resources.


In order to continuously improve the environmental management system we have established and to prevent environmental pollution, we provide training for all of our employees, the continuity of education accepts and undertakes to comply with other requirements. Improving our environmental conditions is our environmental policy.

  • Our company within the limits; In order to ensure the health and safety of Employees, Subcontractors, Visitors and Out-of-Company Company Employees, to take all necessary measures in accordance with applicable OHS regulations and OHS-related laws, regulations and other relevant requirements, , if necessary, to ensure the use,


  • Our company within the boundaries and add-ons; to identify and eliminate unsafe situations and movements that may lead to occupational accidents and diseases, and to identify and eliminate potential accident risks by making an effective risk assessment,


  • Determining the risks that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases within the borders of our company;


  • To educate our employees in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and to ensure that they have a good Occupational Health and Safety awareness,


  • To ensure that subcontractors and visitors serving within the boundaries of our company also comply with the rules of Occupational Health and Safety set forth by Kros Teknolojik Ürünler Tic.A.Ş.


  • To transform Kros Teknolojik Ürünler Tic.A.Ş. into an exemplary Company with respect to OHS applications, affiliated institutions, industrial chambers and associations,


  • Taking into account the development of the industrial world, to anticipate the possible future situations in the future, to continuously improve and review our situation,


  • In this respect, we are committed to ensure the continuity of our OHS Management System, established and executed, as our OHS policy.



European Union 2020 Strategy ülebilir Defining a verimli Europe that uses the resources efficiently a 20 has adopted the concept of sustainable business based on innovation by the European Commission in order to appreciate the success of the companies, which is held every two years "Innovation for Sustainability - European Union Environment Awards 2012 - Turkey" contest held within the scope of the product category NEUTRALAB © was awarded the first winner prize.


In the evaluation of the jury; innovation on the basis of a new environmentally friendly products and services evaluated in the development of our products, has also signed a policy regarding medical liquid wastes are rendered harmless to human health and the environment in Turkey.

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