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KROS Clinic



Kros Clinic devices that provide result reliability and sustainable water quality do not shade your tests for reasons of water. Kros Clinic, which is the product of many years of R & D studies of cross-country engineers, promises to provide trouble-free service with its stainless steel case even under the most demanding conditions.


The water used in the study of devices used in biomedical analyzer and hormone assays is Type 1 type 2 according to CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standarts Issue) standards. The water required for the treatment of hemodialysis should be within the standards set out in the European Pharmacopoeia.


The quality of water to be used in the specified areas is evaluated by conductivity or resistance measurements. However, there are other factors affecting the water quality significantly. The most important of these is the amount of organic matter, the amount of bacteria and the level of endotoxin. It is not possible to determine these elements only by conductivity and resistance measurements. The bacterial growth in the hydraulic components of the DI water reservoir of the contaminated device and the biofilm layer formed by these leads to clogging of the degassers, probes and injectors. also reacts with the reagents result in rejection of the analysis results. With KrosClinic devices all these problems have been overcome.

* If used in combination with Bacteria Filter

Input water hardness up to 1ppm CaCO3


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