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Kros R & D team formed by Turkish engineers presents NEUTRALAB® to our country after laboratory and field studies according to the standards specified in UT World Health Organizatino (WHO) Laboratary Biosafety Manual.

As a result of the review of NEUTRALAB® for over 20 years starting from the date of 16.06.2009 on the innovation and overcoming the state of the art, T.C. TR 2009 04678 B issued by the Turkish Patent Institute has been taken under protection.



  • It separates the part containing the hazardous substances in the liquid wastes generated in the auto-analyzers and makes the remaining 99% suitable for discharge to the sewer according to the current legislation.


  • When working methods are examined, it has a much lower cost and energy consumption than other systems which do waste separation or dewatering by other methods.


  • Thanks to the synergistic effect of the disinfection methods it uses, it disinfects more effectively by using much lower amounts of chemicals.


  • High safety standards and fully automated system minimizes man-made errors.


  • It has the same disinfection efficiency at every discharge. (Disinfection power can be increased up to 99.99%.)


  • Performs automatic pH adjustment (neutralization).


  • Very large infrastructure and modification is not required for operation and installation.


  • The most economical solution with both investment and low operating cost


  • With Neutralab® Plus standard products, waste handling from 50 to 300 liters per hour is available. For further processing of waste, a further project is planned.

  • Discharges the dangerous waste of the tank in case of filling the alarm warns the user.

  • Inactivates the corrosive gases formed in processes.

  • The waste inlet is provided by the pressurization device for different places with no level difference.

  • The measurement parameters (pH, mV, temperature) can be monitored continuously and the user can perform detailed reporting on desired periods.

  • Case and parts used are resistant to corrosion

  • The desired pH range, the disinfectant concentration to be used and the contact time of the disinfectant can be adjusted by the control unit on the device. Thus, appropriate concentration and contact time can be determined according to the characteristics of the waste.

  • If the chemicals used in the device fall below a certain level, the system warns the user by voice and video.


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